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Lecomte Félix
(Paris 1737-1817)

Author : Lecomte Félix (Paris 1737-1817)
Size : Height: 20.08 Inches- Width: 11.42 Inches - Depth: 6.69 Inches
More details :
Portrait of the Queen Marie-Antoinette
(Vienne, 1755 - Paris, 1793)
Other view :

This terracotta bust is probably the reduced model in marble exposed at the exhibition of 1783 and belonged to the abbot Vermont, reader of the Queen.
Compared to the marble version this terracotta one shows a difference in the facial expression.

This bust shows with great precision the Queen’s face.

A flowered bun in her hair, she is dressed with ermine and a royal coat with lis flowers. She wears an oval medallion of King Louis XVI effigy.

This bust was exposed at Versailles and at the Royal Academy.

Old collection
Doctor Yver
Madam Vincent Bo

Another version
Marble bust signed at the back: Lecomte 1783
H: 86 cm, W: 50 cm, D: 28cm
National Museum of Versailles castle.
mv.2123 mr.2639

Marie-Antoinette, Arch Duchess, Dauphine and Queen,
Bicentennial exhibition at Versailles castle
16th of May -2nd of November 1955, n°64

France in the eighteenth century
Royal Academy of Art of London
January - March 1968 figure 346

Stanislas Lami, Sculptors dictionary of the French school in the eighteenth century
2nd Volume, Paris 1911
Historical notes collection of the Royal Academy of Art at the Institute by Mr Quatremère of Quincy
Historical notes of the life and works of the sculptor Mr Lecomte, Paris 1834

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