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Henri Lehmann
(Kiel,1814 - Paris, 1882)


Author : Henri Lehmann
Black and white chalk on light brown paper dated 1849 arched right (task and tear)
Size: Height 43.30 Inches x Width 26.37 Inches.

Other view:


Dated back to 1849, this final study of the assomption is larger than the one exhibited in Paris musée Carnavalet in 1983, Lehmann drew in pencil two versions of the assomption before starting. The big painting ( H.3,900 ; L.2, 100 ) displayed in Paris in saint louis en L'ile church, in St mary chapel.
This painting received at the time laudatory critical, Théophile Gautier in 1856 in the artiste wrote " the big angelo who support the virgin or rather accompany her soaring up in the sky, have a confident grace and are really raphaelistic.
Lehmann exhibited the assomption at the 1850-1851 fair n° 1935. This drawing made in pencil and white chalk which will lead as it was to the final painting is still not unlisted, therefore it shows a gread interest for the artists work who had a precise technique.
"Auteuil - Passy " is written at the bottom right-hand- side before the date. has this version been made for the Notre-Dame de l'Assomption paris ?
In the XIX century Notre-dame area was situated partly on Auteuil and partly or Passy.


Musée Carnavalet - Paris 1983
Henri Lehmann 1814-1882
Portrait et décors parisiens, n°85

Marie-Madeleine Aubrun
catalogue raisonné de l'oeuvre
Henri Lehmann 1814-1882
Paris 1984

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