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Pierre Puvis de Chavannes
(Lyon,1824 - Paris, 1898)


Author : Pierre Puvis de Chavannes
Pen & ink drawing signed and autographed in the lower left hand corner " to Ludovic Breitner Puvis de Chavannes, pianist , the Forced Concert ! - Maison Philarmonique, december 31 1896"

Size : 26,4 inches x 6,4 inches

De plus près :

The Forced Concert

Pen & ink drawing signed and autographed in the lower left hand corner "to Ludovic Breitner Puvis de Chavannes, pianist, the Forced Concert - Maison Philarmonique, dec 31 1896" (26,4 inches/6,4 inches)

By all his fanciful persons on his drawings, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes expressed his talent as an humorist. His admirors had no idea of this faceted side of his.
His caricatures were for his friends or he was drawing in his workshop as an hobby, and also during the meetings at the Beaux Arts founded in 1890, he became the president of the association of the Beaux Arts in 1891 after the death of Meissonier. Puvis de Chavannes became known after his death.

On this drawing it shows a party (probably new year's) at his pic, showing us funny people and project us in an eccentric universe which was his.
A late family shows up, the man salutes the assembly, the painter present a portrait of Bouillon, a friend in the background passes by a non legged critic on a whheled platter talking to the guests, on the left Puvis breaks the legs of the piano and the stools as he plays, in the mean time all the desserts go flying around, nobody cares except the singer who is supposed to sing louder, and the indifferent violonist follows the rythm.
This caricature introduces the art of cartoon before its time.

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