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Author : Attributed to Claude de la Roüe
Mirror of rectangular shape, made in walnut tree with a pearl and heart striped design.
Size : 23.03 x 18.70 inches.
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This stocklist number N° 520 , ink-written and carefully noted behind the frame, and a partially remaining fine gilding, aroused our curiosity that it could be of a possible royal origin.
In the wood manufacturer François II Foliot’s report, dated 5 September 1784, the furniture delivered for the apartments of the Vicomtesse de Breteuil in the Château des Tuileries, is noted at the no 520 order.

On the stocklist of the furniture in the Château des Tuileries in 1786, it is noted that a mirror of mantelpiece in the library has the following sizes :( 40 inches x 34 inches), these sizes are similar to our mirror.
In the report written by Claude de la Roüe (common mirror manufacturer of the Crown warehouse), it is noted that in the first half-year of 1784, the Madame Elizabeth’s services received on September 9th, order no 526, 4 walnut-edge mirrors ; 6 identical mirrors order no 529 dated 20 April 1784 for the General Superintendent ; for the Services of the Crown warehouse, order no 336 dated 17 July, replacement of several mirrors, some with their numbers, others without their numbers , sized 12 inches x 10,5 inches, from numbers 472.500 to 515.514.

Strangely, the Claude de la Roüe’s report in 1784 does not mention order no 520 regarding this mirror ; only the stocklists of the Château des Tuileries from 1786 to 1788 seems to indicate that this is the same mirror, the sizes being identical and the number of the order no 520 put on the frame. Therefore, with all this information, we can reasonably say that this mirror is the one that was in the library in the Château des Tuileries.

Archives nationales

série 01:
01.34.15 inventaire des meubles du château des tuileries
en 1786 - 1787
01.34.21 estimation des meubles du château des tuileries
en 1788
01.34.22 autre état d'estimation 1788
01.36.31 mémoire des fournisseurs deuxième semestre de 1784


Pierre Verlet
le mobilier royal français - Tome III
les marques du mobilier royal français pages 255-258
les Éditions Picard 1994

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